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Company retreat in Marrakesh Our last company retreat in Marrakesh, Morocco

At Hunter, we’ve always aspired to build a small but efficient team. We follow Basecamp’s philosophy to hire when it hurts, which means only when we feel overworked for a sustained period of time.

2019 has been a great year for the company. The usage and revenue grew faster than the previous year. We’ve launched Hunter Campaigns and recruited a new person to provide better customer support.

2019 was also the year we came to the conclusion the team needs to grow.

Our product developments are mainly limited by the time we can spend. Antoine and I are still at the center of most of the important decisions, and we both don’t have time to focus on any specific topic. In short, we still have the structure of an early-stage startup, but the customer base of an already mature product.

Therefore, we’re opening 3 new positions:

  • Head of Marketing
  • Go Engineer
  • Ruby on Rails Developer

I’m personally leading the recruitment of the Head of Marketing, which is an important turning point for me.

Over the last 4 years, we’ve had a rather passive inbound strategy that turned out to work well. But now is the time to have a more proactive approach by creating content, launching discussions with our users, and overall having a better-executed marketing strategy. This is why we decided for very the first time to open a marketing position.

You can learn more about us here and apply here.