How I got featured in Buzzfeed and many more with a 2-hours project

Badass headline, isn’t it?

Three weeks ago, I wrote a quick hack of Facebook Reactions by replacing the emojis with Trump’s face. It was immediately published on Product Hunt and then covered in media like Buzzfeed, Business Insider and many others.

Trump Reactions in Buzzfeed

The magic of Newsjacking

If I got suddenly a large coverage with so little work, it’s thanks to a marketing strategy theorized in the name of Newsjacking.

Here is the definition given by the Content Marketing Institute:

Newsjacking is the process of injecting your brand into the day’s news, creating a twist that grabs eyes when they’re open widest. The term recently found notoriety from David Meerman Scott’s book of the same name.

In this small project, all the ingredient of a successful Newsjacking were present.

I hijacked a widely covered news. Facebook Reactions is one of the biggest move from Facebook which is affecting more than a billion user. An incredible number of media were talking about it.

The timing was fast. I hacked the feature just 48 hours after its global launch and I was the first. Being the first is crucial ; you have to take the wave the earliest to maximize visibility.

It was fun. Reacting fast on a news isn’t enough. You have to find something that make sense and that people want to share. There is no formula on this point, your creativity is your best ally.

Bonus: I mixed it with an other “hot subject”. To publish the hack fast and don’t spend too much time on this side project, I had too choose just one set of images to replace Facebook’s emojis that would trigger reactions. Trump was an easy choice and helped to turn it into a viral product.

What happened next?

It was just an experiment. I wanted to execute the idea fast and see how far it could go. In the following post on Facebook, I explain why I didn’t go further and what I learnt about execution for the next time.