I’m a developer and entrepreneur.

My current focus is on Hunter, a new way to get connected to other professionals. We took it from a small tool built within weeks while we were students, to a solution used by more than a million people around the world and companies like Google, IBM or Microsoft.

I’m a product-oriented entrepreneur obsessed in building solutions anyone can use and have a substantial impact.

I love learning from others about business and personal development.

A few things I’ve built

Some of my projects are businesses, some of them are not. I always have a side project.

  • Hunter : the easiest way to find email addresses. Used by 1.5 million people and companies like Google, Adobe or Microsoft as customers.
  • MailTracker : simple and free email tracking for Gmail.
  • TechLookup : list all the websites using certain technologies.
  • Profilr : A simple tool to source profiles on social networks.
  • ZenReader: a Chrome extension that cleans press articles for a perfect reading experience (compatible with French newspapers).
  • A Chrome extension that replaces emojis in Facebook Reactions with custom images. Featured in Buzzfeed, Business Insider, NBC News and others.
  • A cover letter generator (in French)
  • A few websites with good SEO and more than 200,000 monthly unique visitors/month.

How to contact me

Please keep it short! Drop me a line at francois@grante.fr or send me a tweet at @fgrante.

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